Remote Operations Services
Reduce risk and improve performance with real-time monitoring, data management, and data visualization

You’ve built the models, logged the wells, installed the monitoring hardware, and captured the data. But you’re still not realizing the maximum value from your asset. We can transform data into better, faster decisions to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and maximize recovery.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all model. Your short- and long-term goals guide us. By matching your objectives, resources, and infrastructure to our technology, workflows, and expertise, your digital oilfield vision becomes an efficient, optimized reality.

From prewell reservoir modeling to intelligent completions and production optimization, we have the right information at the right time to enhance asset value.

Boost operational efficiency with real-time collaboration

When you’re connected to the Baker Hughes 24/7 BEACON™ real-time remote collaboration platform, our experts support your team’s operations anytime, anywhere through secure collaboration. The BEACON platform is an extension of your wellsite by integrating specialized services and multidisciplinary experts with your team so we can anticipate problems and optimize decisions.

Access your wellsite data with our
• WellLink™ RT service: optimize drilling operations with real-time visualization and analysis of data

• WellLink™ Wireline service: access, monitor, and interpret wireline data in real time for more confident decision-making

• WellLink™ Data services: manage intelligent and secure data transfers anytime, anywhere

• WellLink™ Desktop service: convenient, secure data delivery from the wellsite to the desktop

• WellLink™ Performance service: identify drilling inefficiencies and improve well performance

• WellLink™ Alarm Manager service: detect critical operational threats in real-time

• BEACON Trusted Operations: drive continuous improvement with real-time process assurance

• AMBIT Asset Decision Solutions: make sound decisions to optimize production and improve recovery